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高級線香 詳薰 微笑 Misho

高級線香 詳薰 微笑 Misho


高級線香 詳薰 微笑 Misho


松榮堂最高級別線香, 以稀有沉香為材料, 每年限量出口及發售, 是稀有品呀, 請務必要細心欣賞呀.


沉香, 玉柱, 丁香, 安息香, 樟腦




Premium grade incense of Shoyeido are made with centuries old recipe by highly skilled artisan, limited supply each year, rare product.

Agarwood,Cinnamon,Clove, Benzoin, Camphor


** 懷孕其間請慎用一切香品, 請先咨詢醫生意見, 勿胡亂使用.

** We strongly advice to seek professional advice before use during pregnancy, some ingredients might cause miscarriage.


** 品香時如空間較細建議開少少窗

Please use in area with good ventillation.

** 貓主狗主請慎用

Pet Owners use with caution

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