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Black Sacra 黑乳香

Black Sacra 黑乳香


Black Sacra 屬於Boswellia Sacra 既 Shabi 等級,臨近冬天收成,係收成期尾段既產物。相比一般乳香粒, Black Sacra 質感非常黏手一似蜜糖,味道濃郁, 帶甜有樹木既香味。相比其他乳香粒較容易處理, 需要加熱的溫度較低。沒藥與乳香同樣是來自阿曼的純天然收成品,由阿曼直送。


*設有套裝特價: 任何香爐加$40 可購買10g 試用裝,詳情請參考香爐購買選項。



For external use only



Use in areas with good ventilation



If you experience allegry, please stop immediately and seek for medical help.


** 懷孕其間請慎用一切香品, 請先咨詢醫生意見, 勿胡亂使用.

** We strongly advice to seek professional advice before use during pregnancy, some ingredients might cause miscarriage.


Harvested at the end of the harvesting season, Black Sacra has a thick and honey-like texture. It captures the essence of the frankincense tree, gives out a wood taste with strong sweetness in the aroma. Black Sacra is amoung the Shabi category of the Bosweilla Sacra family. All frankincense and myrrh are naturally harvested and delivered directly from Oman. 


*Set available: $40 for 10g by purchasing any incense burner, please proceed to incense burners menu for more options.



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