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Myrtle Earrings -Wire

Myrtle Earrings -Wire

HK$1,340.00 Regular Price
HK$1,206.00Sale Price

From official website:

The beginning of Greek Jewellery is traced back to the dawn of the Hellenic civilization. Jewellery has been linked to important moments in the Greek society and culture. The Artisans of Greek Ornamentation took inspiration from Myrtle, which the Greeks held sacred. Victors in the Olympic games and the mythological figures wore myrtle wreaths. The Myrtle's white flowers and lance shaped leaves serve as the inspiration for this elegant jewellery.

Materials: The Myrtle earrings are cast in bronze and accented with white freshwater pearls. The wires are 925 silver.

Measures: 0.65" L x 0.5" W

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