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Parsley Post Earrings

Parsley Post Earrings


大家喜歡下廚嗎?有用過荷蘭芹嗎~ 依家除左意粉之外,日常style 都可以加啲「香草,簡約款式,細緻手工 青銅製,採用patina 技術讓金屬呈現綠色,耳針92純銀 Not just in your pasta, now you can add some herbs in your everyday fashion~! This pair of earrings are perfect combination of elegance and simplicity, one of our favourites☺️ Cast Bronze with patina finish.


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In Roman times parsley appeared on banquet tables both because of its flavour and its breath freshening properties. Analysis has shown parsley to be a highly nutritious herb being a rich source of Vitamin C, containing more by volume than an orange. It brings out the full flavour of food and is the most widely employed of all European culinary and garnishing herbs.

Materials: The Parsley pendant is cast in bronze.

Measures: 0.7" L x 0.75" W

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