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Peapod 5 Peas Pendant

Peapod 5 Peas Pendant


呢隻豆仔係Michael Michaud 既招牌!店主剛開始認識呢個咁靚既牌子都係因為呢隻豆仔~

豌豆係亞洲文化有福氣,完滿,五代同堂既祝福意思,係一個lucky charm!


These annuals prefer cool weather and mature early. The "peas" inside the pod are considered berries by botanists. Common folklore regarding peas is that if you count the number of peas in a pod the crop will fail. Pennsylvanian Germans always planted peas under the sign of Gemini, hoping to get two for one and double pods.


Materials: The pea pendant is cast in bronze with 5 white freshwater pearls on a brass chain.


Measures: Chain: 17"-18" L (adjustable); Pendant: 2" L




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