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Royal Hojari Green 皇家綠乳香

Royal Hojari Green 皇家綠乳香


Boswellia Sacra 係其中一種會產生乳香既樹,出產既乳香分4個等級,Hojari, Najdi (Nejdi),Shazri, Shabi。 Royal Hojari Green 屬於 Hojari 等級,於夏天收成,係Hojari 收成中經人手挑選較靚同大顆粒既乳香。Royal Hojari Green 味道溫婉, 帶甜, 輕微檸檬香味, 乳香顆粒密度較髙,需要迫出味溫度較高, 比較耐燒。沒藥與乳香同樣是來自阿曼的純天然收成品,由阿曼直送。



For external use only

** 懷孕其間請慎用一切香品, 請先咨詢醫生意見, 勿胡亂使用.

** We strongly advice to seek professional advice before use during pregnancy, some ingredients might cause miscarriage.



Use in areas with good ventilation



If you experience allegry, please stop immediately and seek for medical help.


Boswellia Sacra is one of the species that produces frankincense. The produce can be categorized into 4 grades, Hojari, Najdi (Nejdi), Shazri, and Shabi. Royal Hojari Green is the top graded resin handpicked from the Hojari resin from beginning of the harvest season. Royal Hojari Green appears darker green in color, sometimes pale blue, and are often time larger than the other resin. It gives out pure, lighter aroma, sweet and citrusy. It is known for it's medical value. All frankincense and myrrh are naturally harvested and delivered directly from Oman.

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