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Established for more than 300 years, Shoyeido 松榮堂from Kyoto, Japan, has been known to be the supplier of high quality incense for world-known temple such as the Gold Pavilion (Kinkaku 金閣). Each incense has been carefully hand crafted with natural ingredients using age old recipes and traditional method. Bring harmony and calmness to your home with Shoyeido incense! For pets owners please use with cautions, consult the vet before usage.

 始於 1705年,至今已有超過300年歷史,已經承傳了12代,承傳了百年做香手工及配方。松榮堂為日本許多出名的寺廟提供香品,如金閣寺,清水寺都點燃著松榮堂的制品。

Free Shipping for orders over $500 within Hong Kong

購物過$500可享本地免郵優惠, 可寄順豐站及智能櫃

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